Through my artistic work, I dedicate myself to exploring the duality between order and chaos, beauty and cruelty, as well as life and death. In my practice, I am interested in the passage of time, the constant mutability that characterizes living beings, and the moment when these transitional forms fade away in the irreversible process of dissolution.

I focus my attention on the representation of life and death, as well as on transformations, processes of deterioration, and the constant evolution that both nature and human beings go through. Therefore, my work is an investigation into the psychological interior of a temporary and biological body, while at the same time trying to capture the most primitive essence of human nature. One that is hidden behind layers of social conventions and the artifices that surround us.

In my artistic creation, I use techniques of manipulation and alteration of objects and materials to generate tension between the original form and its subsequent transformation. The goal of my work is to capture how the residues of the past become symbols of transience, permanence, fall, loneliness, and how transformation processes generate deaths that in turn give rise to new forms of life in an abrupt and forceful way.

Elements of nature, from animals and plants to landscapes and atmospheric phenomena, are sources of inspiration for my work. I integrate them in an organic and integrated way to create works that incite deep reflection on the nature of existence and our own human condition.